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Marcela Bortoni

e Iridóloga

About us


I am Marcela Bortoni, Iridologist certified by American University of Holistic Healing in N.Y. I studied the Bachelor in Nutrition in Mexico and a Master in Biological-Naturist Medicine in Funiber. I am currently doing a certification of Fitness and Nutrition Certificate by ICS Canada.


In my center you will find Dietitians, 100% trained on Iridology and updated on Nutrition topics. We understand that food is not only meant to nourish the body, but also the soul. “What we think and what we eat, combined, determine who we are,” said Edgar Cayce as early as 1938. Jean Carper writes a documented and successful book in which he presents food as “The miraculous medicine that influences our well-being” in 1995.
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Since 1999 we have been working on THE PERFECT FOOD COMBINATION (balance between carbohydrate, protein and fat) as it has the power to heal the body and fill it with energy and motivation. Our goal is that each patient is installed in the health and physical-mental well-being with its change in the form and combination of how and what to eat. We determine the type of patient’s diet on the iris analysis, performed by a high definition image of each of your eyes; since depending on your tissue and the forms of this you can determine the damage of a certain system and work on it, installing your metabolism in a perfect balance and conquering your goal in a fast and accurate way.

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We manage face-to-face appointments and you can purchase your appointment by video call in our online store.

On your first face-to-face appointment you will receive, in addition to the orientation and motivation of my team, a Paleolithic Recipe Book and a manual of nutritional values. For online appointments you can download for free the recipe book here, for now it is only available in spanish.

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My line of natural products is created with the need to support with high quality and specific supplements for certain conditions; for example, EASYDETOX® Tea and EASYPH® Tea; as Iridologists we realize how natural treatment benefits by the change in the tissue of the iris of each patient.

I invite you to visit my ONLINE NATURAL STORE, where you will find the best products, really functional, both national and international that will increase your quality of life.


My children motivated me to create the HEALTHY MEMORY GAME®, a game that presents all healthy foods in a fun way and in three languages (Spanish, English and French). For each game that is sold we can give another one equal to a child of low resources.


Be part of our team, download the application MI NUTRIÓLOGA, where day by day you will introduce to your mind nutritional values that will benefit you in the short and long term, and we also give you the personalized points system.

We can help you improve your quality of life; Small changes will slowly make you live healthy, thin and strong.

Visit NoticiasSaludables, we research Doctors and Associations from countries like Japan, Germany, Australia, France, England, Canada among others; it is important to adopt the NUTRITIONAL VALUES of the most advanced countries, sign up.


Look for the Slim Body, Vive Fit and My Gluten Free Mexican Recipe book; you can download them for free in ibooks.

If you have any comments or suggestions send us an email to cuidandodeti@marcelabortoni.com

Centro Médico Ave, calle Dr. Guajardo #155 Col. Los Doctores, Monterrey, N.L. México, c.p. 64710. Piso 11 consultorio F
Tels. +52 (81)1133.6531 y 8335.7800

Thanks for being here.

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